Borussia offer prices for Moukoko in January

Youssufah Mukoko It’s one of the great opportunities for next summer’s market since the deal with. Borussia Dortmund Feel free to sign for any club you like. Faced with this situation, the German team seems willing to advance his departure by six months, i.e. let him go in January, as long as he receives a reasonable compensation.

According to ‘Sport Bild’, the German is aware that many clubs are interested in signing Moukoko and has seen that they could have a big deal on their hands. They would be happy to negotiate his departure if interested clubs offered him around 30 million euros so as not to lose money on his departure.The German striker is only 17 years old However, after a few days, they become adults, so they can change the situation without any problems. Borussia want to use the situation to give him a good pinch.

Many big clubs have him in their sights

As we said, Youssoufa Moukoko has been out of the league in recent times due to his good level with Borussia Dortmund and indeed his contract situation with important clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and FC. He is one of the soccer players who attracts the most suitors in a month. Barcelona will follow in their footsteps, and they all know that paying 30 million euros (with possible even price cuts) will get them service in the next January market. We’ll have to see if all these clubs are willing to pay footballers who may arrive completely free at the end.

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