‘Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions’ will take the Wizarding World’s broomstick sports online

Just like that, a new Harry Potter game is on its way. On Monday, WB Games revealed Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, a title the Hogwarts Legacy publisher is billing as a “fast-paced, competitive multiplayer” game that will be available on PC and consoles. According to the company, Unbroken Studios, best known for its work supporting the , has been working on Quidditch Champions for the past “several years,” making the sport’s absence from Hogwarts Legacy make a lot more sense.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is a complete, standalone Quidditch experience,” a says of the project, noting fans will need an online connection to play the game. “It engages players in the sport of Quidditch and other broomstick adventures alongside friends in a competitive, multiplayer setting.” The FAQ additionally states J.K Rowling was not involved in the creation of Quidditch Champions, and that the game is not a direct adaption of any of the existing Harry Potter books or films.

For the past few years, Rowling has been controversial for her . Ahead of the release of Hogwarts Legacy, some fans chose not to . In addition to a new game, WB Games parent Warner Bros. Discovery is working on a of all seven books in the Harry Potter series. Quidditch Champions does not have a release date. For now, WB Games is accepting signups for “limited” playtests.

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