The 10 Most Relevant Misses of the 2022 Qatar World Cup

the beginning of qatar world cup There have been several players excluded from the prestigious World Championships due to injuries or the coach’s own decisions. Amidst all these absences, there are some numbers that stand out. As we say, some players were seriously injured, others were expected to be on the list but ultimately won’t travel with their respective teams.

The 10 most important absences of the World Cup

– Sergio Ramos: of Spain There are several names that deserve to be on the list of players who can qualify for the World Cup. Nevertheless, Luis Enrique, decided to show off his dubious technical decisions in this regard and have a few more credible names than players who have performed at an objectively better level.This is the case with Sergio Ramos, whose qualities we all know, but also because of the leadership the centre-back has in Spain, his absence is particularly disconcerting. Paris Saint-Germainbut the coaches decided to leave him out.

– Tomori Fikayo: English Central milan Due to a technical decision he will also not be traveling with England. Maguire Chosen over defenders of the reigning Italian champions.This decision is not understood south exit.

– Reese James: side Chelsea He wasn’t due to injury, but for performance, had he been physically fit, he would certainly have taken a place on the list.

-Paul Pogba: The Juventus midfielder threatened to be absent from the team France And finally, as expected, his injury will not allow him to compete in this World Cup.

– N’Goro Kante: The same thing happens with singing. His disappearance from the list is also boosted by his injury.Another significant drop for the Gauls.

– Goshen: The German player is out by technical decision. Flick preferred to favor others like David Raum.side of inter de milan Despite being one of the teams listed on the market, he was unable to convince his coach.

– Wijnaldum: Withdraws due to injury. Netherlands in this world

– Tammy Abraham: Definitely one of the most amazing choices. It’s the English coach’s decision to keep the talented striker out of the squad. Rome for this world cup. Abraham’s form was so good that he managed to get the attention of several important teams, but Southgate decided not to have him despite everything.

– Timo Werner: German player out due to injury

– Roberto Firmino: in front of liverpool expressed dissatisfaction with the technical decisions of tightFirmino wanted to participate in this World Cup, but Brazil understood that he was not above a soccer player Pedro.

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